Health is our wealth. It's never too late to start doing anything.

Health center started its activities 9 years ago. At present day we have four children and adult physiotherapists working in our center. The Center's highly qualified physiotherapists will help with bone, joint, muscle and ligament (movement and support), nervous system, cardiovascular system and respiratory system diseases, as well as injury prevention and rehabilitation. A child's physiotherapist will train younger parents and, if necessary, use Bobota's gymnastics. Also, pregnant women and new mothers will be helped to prepare for childbirth or recover in the afterbirth period. You can surely come to us if you have not been involved with physical activity for a while and want to re-start it, or if you have any questions before choosing a new kind of sport. We will help people who are in long-term forced positions (office workers, dentists, cashier, handicraftsmen, etc.) to find the best ergonomic solution in the work environment.

Palī health center offers a wide range of services:

  •     Physiotherapist consultations;
  •     Training of Handling;
  •     Individual therapeutic and corrective gymnastics;
  •     Therapeutic exercises in groups for adults and children;
  •     Schroth Therapy;
  •     Pilates;
  •     Sling therapy on LEVITAS PRO sling unit;
  •     Therapeutic, lymph drainage and sports massages;
  •     Kinesiology;
  •     Nordic walking;
  •     Physical Therapy TENS;
  •     etc.

The premises of our health center are customised for people with functional disorders.